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New "Big Y" design: Lenovo savior Y9000P 2023 series unveiled


Today, Lenovo Savior released a warm-up video, showing the new design of Y9000P 2023 for the first time.

Judging from the video,Unlike the minor fixes in version 2022 of Y9000P, version 2023 adopts a completely different design and uses the brand new "Big Y" logo.

The new logo divides the letter Y into two parts, the design is more simple and technical, showing a different style from the current Y9000P series.

meanwhile,The ID design of the fuselage is also more capable and technical.

At present, the official has not yet announced the launch time and new energy of the new generation of savior Y9000P, but judging from the progress of the announcement, we should not have to wait too long.

In configuration, there is no doubt that it will be equipped with the latest Intel 13 processors and RTX 40 series graphics cards.

For users who give up buying version 2022 because of a small upgrade.Y9000P version 2023 may be a good choice.


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