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What are the brands of dry cleaning machines (what are the brands of dry cleaning machines)

Clothes dry cleaning machine is a washing machine which uses dry cleaning solvent to wash, filter solution, remove liquid, dry recovery, purify washing solvent and realize recycling. According to the different detergents, dry cleaning machines can be divided into two categories: tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machines and petroleum dry cleaning machines. Among them, tetrachloroethylene dry cleaning machine can be divided into water-cooled recovery (open dry cleaning machine) and refrigeration recovery (closed dry cleaning machine) according to the different cooling methods of drying and heating; according to the heating methods used in drying recovery and solvent regeneration, it can be divided into electric heating type and steam heating type; according to the main purpose of washing, it can be divided into fabric dry cleaning machine and leather clothing dual-purpose dry cleaning machine. According to the continuity of each process in the dry cleaning process, it can be divided into semi-automatic dry cleaning machine and automatic dry cleaning machine.

When people buy dry cleaning machines, most of them still recognize the brand. At present, there are too many brand dry cleaning machines on the market, and many consumers are very picky. Therefore, today we will gather together and recommend several good quality brand dry cleaning machines to you. Let's see!

Top ten brands of washing machines

1. Dry cleaning machine

two。 Sanyo dry cleaning machine

3. Dry cleaning machine

4. Haier dry cleaning machine

5. Meimei dry cleaning machine

6. Swan dry cleaning machine

7. Powerful dry cleaning machine

8. Siemens dry cleaning machine

9. Casati dry cleaning machine

10. Miyun dry cleaning machine


Location: South Korea

Brand introduction: Korea LG Group, founded in 1947, is one of the top 500s in the world, a large Korean enterprise group, and an international enterprise group that leads the development of the world industry. LG has set up more than 300 overseas offices in 171 countries, covering consumer electronics, mobile communications products, household appliances, chemical energy, communications and services, household cleaning products and other areas. LG has set up 31 research centres in six countries, and investment in RD already accounts for 5 per cent of the group's total revenue.

Second, Sanyo

Location: Japan

Brand introduction: Sanyo, a 60-year-old Japanese enterprise group headquartered in Osaka, Japan, produces products in many fields such as monitors, mobile phones, digital cameras, household appliances and so on. In 1979, Sanyo Motor Trading Co., Ltd. officially began to enter the Chinese market. In 2004, Hefei Rongshida Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. cooperated with Whirlpool (China), a Fortune 500 company, and became one of its four core brands.


Venue: Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

Brand profile: TCL Group, founded in 1981, is a well-known consumer electronics brand in China, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, a listed company, a global intelligent product manufacturing and Internet application service enterprise group, and a very large state-owned holding enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. TCL Lighting Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a lighting brand of TCL Group, with two major product groups of traditional lighting and LED lighting, is a well-known enterprise in China's green energy-saving lighting industry, specializing in lighting product research and development, production, sales and application scheme design.

Fourth, Haier

Venue: Qingdao City, Shandong Province

Brand profile: Haier, a well-known brand of household appliances, began in 1984. It is an internationally renowned white goods brand, the world's leading provider of complete solutions for household appliances and the integration of virtual and real channels. It is a household appliance enterprise group that started with the production of refrigerators. Haier Group was founded in 1984. From the beginning of a single production of refrigerators, expanded to household appliances, communications, IT digital products, household, logistics, finance, real estate, biopharmaceutical and other fields. To become the world's leading provider of good life solutions.

Verb (abbreviation for verb) Beauty

Location: Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Brand profile: Midea, a well-known brand of home appliances, which began in 1981, is a listed company of China's top 500 enterprises, a world-class white goods manufacturer and brand, and a large comprehensive enterprise group focusing on home appliance manufacturing. It is a leading technology enterprise group in the fields of consumer appliances, HVAC air modulation, robotics and industrial automation systems, providing a wide range of products and services. Mei adheres to the principle of "creating value for customers" and is committed to creating a better life.

Six, Little Swan.

Venue: Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Brand profile: little Swan, founded in 1958, is the domestic washing machine industry's market share and sales of the highest brand, listed company, the world's famous washing machine manufacturer. From the birth of China's first fully automatic washing machine in 1978 to 2015 with a brand value of 20 billion yuan, it has become one of the few household appliance manufacturers in the world that can simultaneously manufacture all kinds of automatic wave wheels, rollers and stirring washing machines. Every progress in the history of Little Swan confirms today's success.

VII. Power

Venue: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

Brand profile: Zhongshan Dongling Weili Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., a well-known washing machine brand, a national first-class enterprise, a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, a famous brand product in Guangdong Province, one of the fastest growing brands in China's washing machine industry, excellent enterprises serving household appliances to the countryside, and one of the favorite consumer brands of farmers in South China.

8. Siemens

Location: Germany

Brand profile: Siemens AG, founded in 1847, is a global leader in the field of electronic and electrical engineering. Siemens has entered China since 1872. For more than 140 years, we have unremittingly provided comprehensive support for China's development with innovative technology, excellent solutions and products, and established its leading position in the Chinese market with excellent quality and reliable reliability, leading technological achievements and unremitting pursuit of innovation.

nine. Haier

Venue: Qingdao City, Shandong Province

Brand profile: Haier Group Company casarte, Haier Group's high-end art appliances and embedded integrated cabinet appliances brand, committed to the integration of intelligent artist living experience, for the urban elite to create an elegant and exquisite style of life, industry standard setters, listed companies.

10. Miyun

Location: Foshan

Brand profile: Miyun, founded in May 2014, is a high-tech Internet company, Xiaomi Ecological chain Company. Miyun is headquartered in Foshan and has branches in Beijing and Guangzhou. The company focuses on artificial intelligence home appliances, positioning the middle and high end market, and reshaping the life experience of a new generation of families. Products include the Global Industrial Design Award. With its RD strength, different cool techs, intimate industrial design, user-friendly experience and service, Miyun brings a healthy and beautiful new life to Chinese families.


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