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Durant: NBA fans are so arrogant, can't you shut up and watch the game?


NetEase Sports reported on January 7th:

As one of the most powerful stars in NBA, Kevin Durant has been on the wrong side in recent years, often talking about black fans and media on social networks, and doesn't seem to care about his image.

Recently, in an interview with ESPN, he attacked the fan community again, saying they were becoming more arrogant.

"the fans have become more self-righteous than ever before and they are beginning to question our motivation or the way we play. Who do they think they are? Will you shut up and watch the game. How we want to work hard is our business, which is determined by our physical condition. " He said.

Durant also said that fans simply do not see the hard work of players in travel and training in a season. "it is impossible for every game to be as intense as the playoffs." What Durant wants is for fans to understand more about the work of players, not to take everything for granted, and not to demand players with unrealistic standards.

"so understand our hard work, and don't just look at how much money we take and ask us not to give you any disappointment." Durant said.

Although Durant's words are not very polite, they are indeed in line with the aspirations of many players, and some fans also say they can understand. Durant doesn't mind making discordant sounds all the time, even saying that he enjoys interacting with fans online, but he hopes that fans' discussions about the game will not miss the point, be aggressive and biased.

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