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The Green Army topped the Bulls and won a three-game winning streak. Tatum 32: 8: 7 de Rozan retired with injury.


NetEase Sports reported on January 10th:

The NBA regular season continues, and the Boston Celtics (29-12) continue their winning streak. Tatum had 32 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, and Williams had 20 points and eight rebounds. They led the team to fight back after establishing an advantage in the first half, and the Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls 107-99 (19-21). The Celtics had a three-game winning streak, and the Bulls ended three in a row.

The Celtics' Tatum had 32 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, Williams had 20 points and eight rebounds, Brown had 19 points and 5 rebounds, and Brogden had 11 points and 7 rebounds. Bulls' Lavin had 27 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, Vucevic had 21 points and 13 rebounds, and DeRozan scored 13 points, who left early due to injury. Williams scored 10 points.

Smart of the Celtics is absent. The home Celtics got off to a good start. Tatum scored two 3-pointers and took a 12-5 lead. Lavin responded with three points, and Brogden, Tatum, Williams and Brown took turns to score, with the Celtics leading 24-15. Lavin and Caruso took 6 points to narrow the gap, Williams broke through and Drummond dunked, and the Bulls fell behind by 3 points by 25-28 at the end of the first quarter.

After the beginning of the second quarter, the two teams went back and forth, and the score increased alternately. Vucevic and Williams scored 5 points, while the Bulls surpassed 1 point by 43-42. White and Tatum each scored four points to help the Celtics regain the lead. Caruso fought back with three points, Horford hit three points, Brown scored four points with a free throw, and the Celtics took a 57-48 lead at 2: 20 in the first half. Vuchevich broke through, White hit a jumper, and the Celtics took a 59-50 lead at half-time.

Celtics' Tatum scored 16 points in the first half, Brown scored 15 points, and Bulls'de Rozan scored 11 points.

Vucevic hit a three-pointer, leading the team to start the third quarter with a small best part of 7-0, while the Bulls trailed 59-61. Tatum opened attack mode, scored two more 3-pointers, one person scored 9 points in a row, and the Celtics took a 74-61 lead of 13 points. Dosumu broke through and fought back, Williams and White scored another 5 points, and the Celtics took a 16-point lead. The Bulls chased two three-pointers in a row, Brogden responded with three-pointers, Lavin and Drummond joined hands with four points, and the Bulls finished the third quarter with 73-84 11 points behind.

The Bulls counterattacked again shortly after the start of the last quarter. Lavin scored 7 points and the Bulls chased it to 84-89. Brown made two layups, Williams scored 3 points, and the Celtics opened again with seven points in a row. Lavin kept aggressive and scored 4 points, and Vuchevich turned to hit a jumper, and the Bulls chased it to 91-96 with 3: 40 in the fourth quarter. Williams stabilized the situation in three points, Vucevic and Lavin each scored three points, while the Bulls were only two points behind. Tatum hit two free throws, Vucevic hit back, Horford hit three points, and the Celtics took a 104-99 lead with 25.5 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Lavin missed a three-pointer, Tatum dunked three points, and the Celtics won 107-99.

Bulls starting lineup: Dosumu, Ravin, de Rozan, Williams, Vucevic

Celtics starting lineup: White, Brown, Tatum, Horford, Lowe

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